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White River's Top 3 Coffee Shops

White River has many coffee shops available. Here is a list of our top 3 favorite coffee shops in White River, whether you're looking for a nice cup of coffee, something sweet, or a place to work.

1. Plantsman Eatery and Bakery

The Plantsman Eatery & Bakery is our number one recommendation for coffee, breakfast, and lunch in White River. Located just up the road towards White River Estate, this lovely restaurant serves delicious food, including homemade bread and some homegrown ingredients. The lovely country setting, which includes free-range chickens, bunnies, a farm stall, and a plant nursery, makes this a definite winner.

See their menu here and their bakery menu here. Some items on the menu are also available for delivery with MrDFood.

Open from 0700 to 1600 on weekdays and 0730 to 1500 on weekends.

Location: Portion 699 of the farm, White River

Contact details: 073 767 7188

2. Sabie Valley Coffee

Terrace of coffee shop with picnic tables. Coffee plant on tables and red parasols.
The outdoor seating of Sabie Valley Coffee

Nestled in the heart of White River, Sabie Valley Coffee is a charming coffee shop and roastery that offers a unique coffee experience. Sabie Valley Coffee grows, roasts, and markets their own coffee. They also offer nice desserts, breakfast, and coffee-based treats. You can even leave with your own coffee tree or coffee tree growing kit. The coffee museum offers owner-guided tours (by appointment only).

Location: B1, Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre, White River

Contact details: 013 737 8169

3. SIP Coffee Cafe & Deli

A nice urban cafe serving breakfast, lunch, and good coffee, conveniently located in the centre of White River. Please visit their facebook page for more information.

Location: 19 Chief Mgiyeni Khumalo Dr, White River

Contact details: 013 750 0178

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