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For guests staying longer and wishing to keep fit, there are many running routes easily accessible from ilanda Guest House.


You'll be hard pressed to find a long stretch of flat road or trail, as the landscape is very undulating!


On site

ilanda Guest House includes about 6 hectares of veld with paths leading to the Dam.


A single track path also weaves in the centre of the veld. Though not built for running, the sure footed can run or power walk in this secure fenced area.

You might spot Duiker, dwarf mongoose, White-tailed mongoose, Scrub Hare, Cane Rat, Genet, Civet and the exceptionally lucky might stumble on the occasional Otter in the dams

The gate to the veld & dam is open from 0730 to 1630 but for early risers we give you the code for the lock. If you plan on staying late, send us a WhatsApp and we’ll keep the gate open for you.

Out of the gate!

From ilanda Guest House's gate you can turn left onto the Oaks Road. The dust road continues downhill for 1.4km but is a dead end, so you'll have to come back the same way. Depending on the time of day, the road can be busy with neighbours going out to work or back.

Turning right from the gate leads to the main road (Danie Joubert). From here turn left to access the residential roads of Colts Hill (first right, then many hilly loops available), Impala Street (left or right at the Engen Garage). This is where you'll find most local runners.

Turning right at the main road leads up the steep Drakensberg Street all the way to the deadly Recoletta Hill then to MTO Trails (about 5km one way) or turn right at the Uplands College sign to access the Coolmore Farm Trails (see below).

Open the gate with the remote control on your room key.

Leave your keys behind: Alternatively we can provide the gate code to open the gate with the keypad (don't forget to press # after the code)

Coolmore Farm

You can run from ilanda Guest House, park on the side of the road or at the Coolmore designated parking area.


The trails loop in the Macadamia and Avocado grows, along the river all the way to the White River Country Club about here.


A new addition is a herd of spectacular Ankole Cattle in their fenced pastures.  The trails go all the way to the edge of the White River Country Club.


Please note the gates at the Uplands College turn-off and inside the farm may be closed before 0600 and after 1800.


MTO Trails

Mainly for mountain biking, the trails nonetheless welcomes runners. Easily accessible by car by parking here. From here you can run along the quiet dust road or buy a permit to access the trails proper.

You'll find plenty locals running, biking, strolling or walking their dogs.

Witklip Dam

This public dam is very quiet and less visited. There is a trail circling the dam which makes for lovely trail runs.


 Count a 21 minute drive on the Sabie Road from ilanda Guest House.

Just off the R537 road between White River and Sabie, just a 21 minute drive from ilanda Guest House. Witklip Dam Location.


Coming soon - trail running day trips around ilanda Guest House: Maritzbos, Fanie Botha, Blyde River Hiking Trail, Prospector's Trail in Pilgrim's Rest, Kaapsehoop Hiking Trails.

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